What is Kambo medicine?

Kambo medicine from the Phyllomedusa Bicolor

Phyllomedusa Bicolor

Kambo is a powerful frog medicine used by the indigenous people of the Amazon. As well as having powerful healing and detoxing qualities, Kambo medicine gives a massive boost to the immune system and brings renewed vitality to the body. In the photo below you can see how much more alive the body becomes after only one session.

Positive effects of Kambo

It is made in the Upper Amazon Basin from the secretion of the giant monkey frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor), which is native to the region.

Now some people that have studied these Kambo frogs have stated that it is actually a poison because it makes predators sick from eating them. But what is actually happening in that situation is that the predator has a rapid detox, vomits the frog out, and the frog then lives on to see another day. Nature is beautiful right?
This is why, I personally perceive Kambo more like a superfood because of its health giving properties and the fact that it causes the body to start detoxing.
Kambo has been described as “a fantastic chemical cocktail with potential medical applications, unequaled by any other amphibian” by Italian scientist Vittorio Erspamer of the University of Rome.

What are the peptides in Kambo?

In essence the secretion of the Kambo contains several dozen peptides and neuropeptides. These include:
  • Dermorphin & Deltorphin – Powerful pain killers without addictive effects.
  • Phyllomedusin & Phyllocaerulein – Which contribute to purging of toxins amounts other things.
  • Tachykinins – Support and regulate the immune system
  • Dermaseptin – Anti Viral and there is compelling evidence that is useful as a cancer treatment

Who will be administering the Kambo Treatments?

Rakendra works mostly with his wife Deniz. With their songs and space holding the Kambo ceremonies involve a combination of the masculine and feminine energies.

Rakendra is a Master Practitioner of Kambo and is accredited by the International Association of Kambo Practitioners (IAKP) in 2014. He is one of only a few master practitioners in the world that is accredited by the IAKP to master level.

He has studied shamanic healing modalities for more than fifteen years and has been working with Body Psychotherapy & Bioenergetics for the last twenty years.

Using Kambo along with other forms of energy work, Rakendra has developed a unique approach to healing that provides deep cleansing on a physical and emotional level. He works to unravel blocks stored in people’s bodies, enabling them to heal and expand their capacity for living. Rakendra works globally and has administered Kambo in many countries around the world in different cultures and languages.

Straightforward in his approach, Rakendra’s unique way of working combines humour and playfulness to help his clients shine a light on the darker parts of their being.

What is Kambo used for?

It is no coincidence that this medicine has seen keen interest from pharmaceutical companies and there are now 70 patents lodged against synthesised versions of the peptides contained in Kambo. Currently there is research being carried out in the areas to assess effectiveness in working with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, depression, migraines, blood circulation issues, cancer, fertility issues, AIDS and Hepatitis.
Traditionally Kambo has been an important part of indigenous medicine. Used to treat malaria It had been used to gain strength and stamina for hunting and to eliminate the human odour that reveals to animals that the hunter is there. It is also used for lifting panema which is another name for dark energy or bad luck .
Recently there has been a lot of interest in people looking for the Kambo Cleanse effect. Clearing out toxins and bringing clarity to their lives.

Kambo Treatment

How does a Kambo treatment work?

The Kambo is applied onto small dots which are burned onto the skin. This enables the medicine to enter the body via the lymphatic system: this is the most conducive method of entry for healing.

The peptides in the frog secretion trigger chemical reactions in the body, causing the internal organs and intestines to purge toxins, along with a massive increase in white blood cell production. This purge and increase creates conditions for a vibrant and healthy immune system.

For a person that is receiving a Kambo cleanse treatment for the first time, a single test point is applied to ascertain the correct dosage of Kambo.

A Kambo cleanse offers the body an opportunity to realise its full potential. You are likely to feel rejuvenated and alive following the treatment.

Kambo contraindications

What kind of Kambo treatments do you offer?

While I generally suggest starting with a traditional treatment the first time you experience Kambo, I also offer several other kinds of Kambo treatments which you may want to consider. These are:

-Traditional kambo cleanse treatments

I offer the standard kind of treatments used by several tribes of the amazon. This is to apply the medicine to the left arm for men and right leg for women. However it is also possible for women to receive on the left arm during the first treatment if they prefer.

-Acupuncture meridian treatments

By applying Kambo to specific acupuncture points we are able to work directly with internal organs and address several types of issues.

-Chakra treatments

Working with the seven energy centres of the body we can free up major energetic blockages in the body mind system

-Auricular ear kambo

Working with acupuncture systems of the ear from both the chinese systems and those developed by Dr Paul Nosier enables many of the areas of the body to be targeted just from the ear itself.

-Advanced Kambo treatments

As an advanced practitioner I can offer more advanced treatments for different conditions. For more serious conditions advanced treatments involve planning a course of sessions starting with an initial consultation.

-Double and triple ( 3 x 3) treatments

For those wishing to go deeper into the process it is possible to book a double or triple treatments. These are treatments taken in succession with a 20 minute gap in between. The benefit of this form of treatment is that it enables the medicine to move more deeply into the body and for its effects to be amplified. A triple treatment is usually carried out over a period of 3 hours.

-Three times in a moon cycle ( 28 days )

For those of you interested in the Caboclo tradition of doing three times in a moon cycle, it is possible to schedule this type of treatment in advance.

Is Kambo Safe?

Kambo is 100% safe used responsibly in the right hands. Working with an IAKP Kambo practitioner gives security peace of mind to those receiving treatments.  The IAKP Code of Practice lays down guidelines for the safe and responsible use of Kambo including screening out those for whom Kambo cannot be taken safely ( please refer to the section below about Who Can’t take Kambo) and water drinking guidelines to prevent over hydration.

Do Kambo burn marks scar?

Who can’t take Kambo?

Kambo has no known detrimental side effects and is completely safe when responsibly administered. However there are a very few people who cannot receive a Kambo treatment:

  • People under 18 years of age.
  • Are pregnant or suspect they may be so.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding babies under the age of 6 months old.
  • Anyone with serious heart issues including past heart bypass operations.
  • Anyone taking medication for low blood pressure.
  • Anyone who has had a Stroke, Aneurysm, Blood clots or Bleeding in the brain
  • Lack the mental capacity to decide to take Kambo
  • People taking medication for psychological reasons (except anti-depressants) need to discuss suitability in advance.
  • Anyone with a history of psychiatric treatments, or serious mental health needs to discuss suitability in advance.
  • Anyone taking immune-suppressants for organ transplant.
  • Anyone with Addison’s disease
  • Anyone with Severe Epilepsy.
  • Anyone recovering from a major surgical procedure.
  • Anyone undergoing chemotherapy

Who may not be able to take Kambo? ( please discuss in advance)

The following groups of people may take Kambo but a little extra caution is required.

  • Women undergoing fertility treatment
  • Serious eating disorders.
  • Active drug or alcohol addiction.
  • People taking regular high doses of slimming, serotonin and/or sleeping supplements.
  • Someone who has fasted for 7 days before Kambo and who may have a disturbed electrolyte balance.
  • Anyone who has worked with Bufo Alvarius ( toad medicine) in the last 28 days

Please inform us prior to your treatment if

  • You are or have ever been bulimic or anorexic.
  • You are taking or have recently stopped taking any medications.
  • You are taking or have recently stopped taking any diet/slimming pills.
  • You regularly consume anti-diuretic medication or sports drinks.
  • You have abnormally high or low blood pressure.
  • You are epileptic.
  • You have liver or kidney problems.

Other Considerations

  • We strongly advise against enemas, colonics, liver flushes or any water based detox within 3 days either side of taking Kambo.
  • People with asthma need to bring their inhaler with them.
  • Diabetics need to bring insulin, testing strips and extra food.
  • Menstruation flow may increase for 24 – 36 hours following the Kambo treatment.
  • It is completely safe to continue to take any other medication, however please discuss this beforehand.
  • We also strongly advise that you DO NOT consume more than 5 litres of water during a single treatment ( including 2 hours before and after).

What to Bring

  • A blanket or shawl for resting afterwards
  • Loose comfortable clothing
  • A cushion or something comfortable to lie on
  • A sarong in case you get cold during the session or need to remove clothing for Kambo application
  • Four litres of still mineral water and a cup. You should only drink this 10-20 minutes before the treatment
  • Something to tie long hair back with.
  • A change of clothes

Dietary and preparation information

  • Do not to eat solid food for 8-10 hours beforehand, or any food at all for eight hours before. Drink only light teas or juices for the three hours before.
  • Do not drink excessive amounts of liquid prior to the Kambo treatment. It is required to drink 2 litres before the treatment but the goal of this is to drink 10-20 minutes before the medicine is applied. Please wait until you arrive at the circle before drinking.
  • Do not consume alcohol or other substances for 24-48 hours before or after the Kambo treatment.
  • Try and avoid food that is strong on the liver for one to two days prior to and after kambo.

Do the Kambo burn marks scar?

The burns will heal and fade with time (and sun) but depending on your skin colour and type you may have small visible scars. Most people see their Kambo scars as a badge of honour but for those concerned there are number of places that the Kambo can be applied including the legs. After the treatment of Kambo are removed, the points are dressed with a natural tree sap called Sangre de Drago ( dragons blood) which speeds up the healing process and prevents infection.

Where can I take Kambo?

Rakendra currently offers Kambo in Somerset UK, Thailand and Mexico.  But has previously worked in the following countries:  USA, Japan, Spain, Finland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. If you are interested in Kambo in your location and have a group of people that are interested, please get in contact


How do I book a Kambo Session

The easiest way to book is to contact me or subscribe to our mailing list for the latest information about dates, locations and prices.

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