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I recently got asked if Kambo could help prevent or treat coronavirus. Its a complex issue which is clearly on a lot of peoples minds. So I thought I would make a specific blog post about this based on my observations of how this is unfolding and my experience of Kambo.

Its clear when something like this happens the fear is greater than the reality and we are now in an era of media hysteria due to the number of fatalities and the rate of new infections.

Now i want to put this in the perspective because i have heard people talking about many more people are dieing of flu each year than coronavirus. This may be true but i think its important to objective when looking at numbers. What percentage of people die when contracting, what are the demographics of those dieing.

The majority of those who have died are older people who people with pre existing health conditions. But… this doesn’t seem to exclusively the case. There are also cases of younger people aged 18-28 with no pre existing medical conditions dieing.

While researching this article, I came across this a description about how Coranvirus unfolds as per the observations of chinese doctors. It outlines a 3 week cycle of coronavirus after the 2-16 day incubation period:

Week 1- Symptoms like Fever, coughs, abdominal pains and breathing difficulties

Week 2- Depending on the immune system, most cases lead to severe pneumonia and acute respitory syndrome

Week 3- Organ failure and sepsis occurs for those whose immune system is not strong enough to fight off the infection.

It also cites that people that get through the 3rd week could take 6 months or longer to fully recover.

According to those findings: “Typically, the new coronavirus attacks people’s immune system, resulting in a drop in lymphocytes, or disease-fighting white blood cells, as well as lung damage and respiratory failure. Some patients suffer multiple organ dysfunction, Dr Peng said.”

While the majority of people that contract coronavirus survive this is still pretty scary stuff.

Clearly the immune system has a big influence on the impact of this virus as well as the effective function of the internal organs.

So back to the focus of this post – can Kambo be help?

Phyllomedusa Bicolor

Kambo medicine is a collection of peptides from the secretion of the giant monkey frog. The frog uses these peptides as natural defences against pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and viruses and it secretes these peptides in response to injury or attack.

Such peptides include bradykinins (phyllokinin), tachykinins (phyllomedusin), dermaseptin, caerulein, sauvagine, tryptophyllins, dermorphins, deltorphins and bombesins. Many of these are under investigation for their potential medical benefits.
As well as detoxing the system in a very rapid way the Kambo frog secretion has also the effect of strengthening the internal organs due to the detox effect.

While many people who have experienced Kambo will report the immune system boost it gives, I wanted to find some scientific research as to why and how it can be proved. I found out there have been several studies on the tachykinin peptides and their ability to support and regulate the immune system.

There have also been studies of dermaseptin actually having antiviral properties against the herpes virus and some initial research into protecting the immune system from viruses such as HIV.
Firstly while I have extensive experience working with Kambo for the past 6 years and have treated people with more severe health conditions, I am not a doctor or in anyway qualified to give medical advice so this post is purely written as an opinion piece.

While there is potential for kambo to be used to fight against the virus post infection in the first week, it is high risk and would require special kind of treatment protocols to work with someone that is already unwell. I believe there needs to be more research into its effectiveness against this virus. 
It would certainly not be ethical to ask a kambo practitioner to put himself at risk with someone that is highly infectious. As we have seen there have been more than 500 medical staff in china now infected despite the use of protective measures.

That said, I do however believe that Kambo can act in a way to help pre infection by boosting the immune system and detoxing the internal organs supporting the body against organ failures in the case of infection of coronavirus.

I will personally be taking Kambo regularly and boosting my immune system with supplements as a preventive measure.

I hope that helps, but if you have any questions please contact me and ill be happy to answer to the best of my ability.

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