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How would you like to give yourself something special this winter?

With the lack of sun, winter is a time where our bodies naturally feel a bit run down. We tend to feel depressed with low energy and are much more prone to sickness. How would it feel having the opportunity to rejuvenate, relax and do some empowering personal growth work at the same time?

I have planned a special retreat in Thailand this december. It will be a slightly longer format than the weekend workshops some of you are used to having with me and give plenty of time to integrate, relax and chill by the pool.

There will also be the opportunity for those of you with specific health conditions to work with me over a longer period. This can extend beyond the retreat if needed.

The work will involve a mix of kambo and bioenergetics with the possibility of some other complimentary activities. For those of you that have worked with me, you will know that the focus of my work is always about personal empowerment – supporting people to overcome the challenges that face them and become the masters of their lives.

You will have the possibility to receive kambo 3 times over a week which will boost your mood, energy levels and immune system. There will also be several sessions of Yoga and Bioenergetics available which gives the ability to overcome our emotional/physical blocks and self limiting beliefs that keep us small.

About the venue:

The secluded venue is located on the tropical island of koh phangan in Thailand. It has a swimming pool and is surrounded by beautiful gardens and nature. The venue provides some of the best vegetarian and vegan food on the island.

It has access to some of the best and most beautiful beaches on Koh Phangan. The island itself is formed on large amounts of quartz crystal which is renowned for its healing properties.

Accommodation will be in shared rooms with up to three beds in each. However there are a limited number of private accommodation options available.


About the island:

The island is natural choice for a winter getaway. In the retreat schedule we have allowed several slots of spare time for those of you that want to explore the island and the beautiful beaches that accompany it.



About the host:

One of only a few master practitioners in the world that is accredited by the IAKP, Rakendra has undergone rigorous and extensive training to reach the highest level of status awarded by the IAKP. He has studied shamanic healing modalities for more than ten years and has been working with Bioenergetics for the last 20 years.

Using Kambo along with other forms of energy work, Rakendra has developed a unique approach to healing that provides deep cleansing on a physical and emotional level. He works to unravel blocks stored in people’s bodies, enabling them to heal and expand their capacity for living. Rakendra works globally and has administered Kambo in the UK, USA, Japan, Finland, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Thailand. He has worked with patients that have cancer, auto-immune diseases, candida, parasites, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, emotional trauma and negative entity attachments.

Straightforward in his approach, Rakendra’s unique way of working combines humour and playfulness to help his clients shine a light on the darker parts of their being.


1-8th December 2017


Price is in British Pounds and inclusive of 7 nights accommodation in a shared room with 2 meals per day included. You will also receive 3 Kambo sessions plus 3 bioenergetics sessions.

Full price: $1270 USD

If you would like to join but cannot afford the full fee, please contact me to discuss.

There are also limited options for those wanting to upgrade to a private room. But please contact me early if that is your preference.

Spaces are limited and early responders will get the best pricing options. So if you want to get access to this exclusive opportunity then please use the contact form below to express your interest.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a message.

Hope to hear from you soon

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